Donald Bousted ukulele EDITION

The purpose of this edition is to make available new music for classical ukulele written for Donald Bousted. Each publication will benefit from a collaboration between composer and performer in the preparation of a performing edition.

The current titles are listed below with simple payment options through PayPal.

More titles will be added soon!

When payment has been received, the PDF score (and/or other resources, if advertised) will be emailed to you, or a link sent (the material may be hosted on Dropbox if it’s too big for an email). This will normally be within 48 hours.

This edition uses staff notation and a comprehensive form of tablature. A PDF catalogue giving full details of each publication can be downloaded below.

Three Meditations on Heraclitus for solo ukulele, high ‘g’ tuning

Three pieces for solo ukulele inspired by quotes by Heraclitus (fl. c. 500 B.C.E.). Jim Dalton is an American composer who has been a professor of music theory at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee since 2000.


Water No. 20 for solo ukulele, high ‘g’ tuning and glockenspiel

A playful repertoire piece by English composer Martin Bright which lasts for just over 4′ in performance. Martin Bright studied percussion and composition at the Royal College of Music, London.


Water No. 20 Additional Resources

Don’t know a percussionist to play this piece with? The additional resources include A MIDI file of the tempo and meter information plus a click track and audio file of Lee Ferguson’s performance on ‘The New Classical Ukulele’ CD with a crib sheet for setting up.


Februa for solo ukulele, high ‘g’

An evocative, ritualistic piece for solo ukulele (high ‘g’). Hilary Robinson is a London-based composer and performer active across different genres of music.


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Honest Homages for solo ukulele, high ‘g’

Six short pieces which deliberately reference different styles of contemporary music. Designed for the intermediate player with a couple of easier pieces and one more advanced piece.


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