Mixed Media

Donald started working with artists and film makers in 2000 and began making his own films in parallel with sound pieces in 2004. His motivation is to create audio-visual works with a shared source or inspiration.

His ‘musema’ series uses improvisations played by performers as a starting point for editorial control both visually and compositionally.  The cut, or edit, becomes the composition but the inspiration spills over into other interests: our perception of sound and movement and our interpretation of virtuosity and performance gesture.  The first of these pieces, the word which is the centre of your light, can be seen on You Tube:

the word which is the centre of your light

Three significant and substancial works were written in 2017, each of which are scored for film-plus-soloist with microtonal aural landscaping.  The first, ‘GRASS-SAND-WOOD’ is written for horn, SHELL for bassoon and SOFT for flugel horn.  Recordings of these pieces will be availble soon.  The first performance of WOOD, performed by Australian horn player Michael Dixon, can be seen from the link below.

Donald and Stephen Altoft (trumpet) give talks and concerts together. This images comes from Art’s Birthday 2020 in Freiburg, Germany.



Deliverance/In Your Dreams

A Memory Game