Barry Tone’s Fantastic Adventure CD

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A CD (October, 2021) of premiere recordings for baritone ukulele—with standard tuning and tuned in fifths—played on a large Pono baritone and a standard ukulele made by Heidi Litke of Red Sands (Canada) with Celia Ireland (recorders).

Recent and new work by Peter Thompson, Choan Gálvez, Gilbert Isbin, Jim Dalton, Martin Bright, and Donald Bousted alongside music written for Renaissance guitar by Guillaume Morlaye and Grégoire Brayssing.

Buy digital / listen on streaming via Bandcamp.

When Barry Tone started playing the ukulele he had never heard of the baritone. He was vaguely aware of a 17th century instrument which had a similar name which was played by his distant cousin but that was it. When he first heard one, played one, it was the sound that did for him – as if the vibration of the strings were connected to the bones in his body. In this recording there are two baritone instruments; a large instrument made by Pono, called a baritone/guitar because it has a body the size of a small elephant and a ‘standard’ baritone made in Canada by Heidi Litke of Red Sands. The former is tuned in the usual way: D G B E, exactly the same as the top four strings as a guitar; the latter is tuned in fifths C, G, D, A, exactly the same as a viola. Barry’s journey starts in Ancient Greece, travels to a small village in Spain, fleetingly appears in Bruge, Belgium and then flits about in Paris with day trips to Köthen and a Norwegian pine forest. This is Barry’s fantastic adventure. He’d like to thank his friend Celia for joining him on the ride.

Released October, 2021.