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The New Classical Ukulele

A CD (2020) of premiere recordings for ukulele with two pieces featuring mallet instruments. Donald Bousted (ukulele) and Lee Ferguson (percussion).


Barry Tone’s Fantastic Adventure

A CD of music for baritone ukulele including new music by PETER THOMPSON, CHOAN GALVÉZ, GILBERT ISBIN, JIM DALTON, MARTIN BRIGHT AND DONALD BOUSTED alongside music written for Renaissance guitar by GUILLAUME MORLAYE AND GRÉGOIRE BRAYSSING




A CD of new music for baritone, soprano and tenor ukuleles with percussion and narration by Loretta K. Notareschi, Albrecht Zummach, Dimitri van Halderen, Donald Bousted, Alan Bullard, Geoffrey Cox and Stephen Altoft


A Journey Among Travellers

CD of A Journey Among Travellers (27 mins) by Donald Bousted with Kathryn Bennetts and Peter Bowman (recorders). A Nine Movement piece for two alto recorders. Recording supported by the Arts Council of England.


24 Microtonal Studies for the Trumpet

A study booklet to accompany The Microtonal Trumpet, a practical research project established by Stephen Altoft and Donald Bousted.


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